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iTouchless 16oz Automatic Sensor Soap Dispenser with Removable 3D Container
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iTouchless Sensor Soap Dispenser dispenses soap on demand and is automatic without ever touching and leaving smudges, fingerprints or germs on the dispenser. The non-drip spout and docking station help prevents soap scum from building around your sink and counter-tops. It is so easy to use, kids will have fun washing hands and helping out.
List Price: $99.99
Price: $59.99

iTouchless EZ Automatic Soap Dispenser
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This beautiful stainless steel look chrome finish 450ml commercial quality automatic touch-free soap and lotion dispenser uses our latest infrared technology. It can be used with any liquid and dispenses a preset amount of dose every time. Just place your hand under the EZ Dispenser and a measured dose of liquid soap is automatically delivered. The new smart-chip technology controlled infrared sensor knows when you want to dispense soap or lotion, and gives you the exact dose amount every time. It creates a germ free and automated environment. It saves money thanks to the preset amount of dispensing. EZ Dispenser is clean, attractive and reliable. Eliminates clogs and drips. It works every time
List Price: $89.99
Price: $59.99

Benefits of touchless or automatic kitchen soap dispensers! 

Here are some of the clear benefits of having touchless automatic soap dispensers in the kitchen:

1. Messy Hands
There are often times when you’re in the kitchen and your hands get dirty. For example if you’re mixing dough, cutting meat, or removing shells from eggs. A touchless automatic sensor can be a big help. Now you will really be cleaning your hands rather than getting your faucet dirty.

2. Germs
I believe airports have sensor based faucets, automatic soap dispensers, and paper towels mainly because it prevents the transmission of germs. An airport has thousands of travelers from around the world or country each day and the easiest way to transmit germs is through touch.

3. Easy to Use
This is a no brainer, stick your hand out and bam! you get soap. What a concept and super easy to use. I guess it might be more complicated during the initial set up but not by much.

4. Quicker Clean Up
The quick automatic soap dispensers sensors make your clean up much faster, even if it is only by a few seconds. But after using it for a while those seconds can add up.

5. Convenience
Do we really need automatic windows in our car? Probably not, so we definitely don’t need automatic soap dispensers but once you try it you may never go back. They are very convenient to use and you might miss it if it was gone.

6. Less Clean Up

What’s the point of washing your hands only to have to wash the faucet and soap dispenser after you use it. It seems counter intuitive and if you have paint or oil it may make the situation even worse. So skip the clean up clean up and just wash your hands.

7. Go Green and Save
I admit it, I am not great at turning off the water when I’m in the kitchen and my wife lets me know every time! So a touchless or automatic soap dsipenser is great for everyone, especially if your hands are full when washing dishes. You will probably save 30% in water everytime.

8. Great for Kids
Kids love gadgets and anything that is new and cool make them want to use it more. So having automatic touchless soap dispensers throuh out the house may help them keep their hands clean!

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